Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lather and history of our soap making process

Hi everyone - we've had lots of compliments and questions about the soap lather.

The soap is specially blended with a proprietary process to provide a homogenous composition. This is true of both the original 10% sulfur soap and also our proprietary SAL3 soap

You probably notice after a few seconds that it begins to lather up nicely. This is by design. Long time loyal customers learn the secret to let the lather just soak, while capturing the essence, much like the Romans did two thousand years ago in the ancient sulfur bathes of yesteryear. Those of you who have traveled the ancient Roman ruins and towns have probably witnessed all the Roman bathes. And sulfur bathes were the favorites.

Have you noticed that no matter what kind of soap you have purchased in your life, that most all soaps are different? -texture, hardness/softness, lathering, cleansing efficacy, feeling when you rub it on your hands, - and also the pH characteristics in contact with your skin- just to name a few. And so many more.

This is especially true with sulfur soaps! You see, there's a lot more to designing and making sulfur soap that most anybody could imagine. When we began designing our sulfur soap recipe, there were two other brands that were quite good and that we admired professionally. They were Stiefel and Fostex.
We studied up on their best qualities, and also focused on designing the number #1 lathering sulfur soap on the market. We believe we have been successful. 

Premium flowers of sulfur - 10% sulphur, long lasting, and excellent lathering qualities. No fillers, no animal products, no lanolin, no greasy. Please don't believe that all sulfur soaps are alike. Nothing could be further from the truth. With sulfur soap, you are quick to notice a difference between brands. Guaranteed.

Thanks to all our loyal customers. We really enjoy making and providing you with the finest sulfur soap in the world - that's our commitment and mission to you.

Pat Davidson


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