Monday, April 1, 2013

Stay clean with 10% sulfur soap and the Hygienna Solo – portable bidet element

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The Hygienna Solo – portable bidet element.

Our loyal customers know we introduce special promotions. You're treated with innovative products in the marketplace that are hard to find anywhere else. And on top of offering some great new products,  we luv to give our customers a great price and value, ...  a wonderful deal that you also won’t find anywhere else !

So what’s new? Well, ... check it out - this one’s a winner!

As always, it’s a special package value introducing this new item together with our 10% sulfur soaps - delivered right to your door, - with free shipping included in the price! How do we do it? I dunno, ... but here it is, ... & we just did it again! Isn’t life fun? !

Sulfur soap and the Solo. 

They’re the perfect toilet partners at home and on the go! 

When camping in the great outdoors, an impressive duo10% sulfur soap and the Hygienna Solo ! Wow, it’s meant to be! 

Find out more in this month’s newsletter! Ready, set, go – it's all below!

What a discovery! Wow, our loyal customers are smart. 

Wonder thunder! Our original 10% sulfur soap ( is being tucked away in backpacks for hiking, camping and adventure trips into the great outdoors! 

We have a growing fan base of campers who realize the advantages of 10% sulfur soap in bar form both to cleanse as a great wash, and also for its anti-septic and anti-fungal qualities. See and for details.

But there is indeed more! Any novice camper understands the issues with toilet paper mess in the great outdoors

First of all, are you lugging around with you all those big rolls of toilet paper or packs of tissues? Then, where do you put all that messy paper once you’ve wiped? Are you digging a big hole so no one will see and to keep it septic ?  etc.

But let’s start with the basics, how do you get properly cleaned in the woods? Answer most always leads to water, water, water when you  wash.

And that’s how the Hygienna Solo offers a wonderful way. 

"The Hygienna Solo is a discreet nozzle that transforms plastic water bottles into a personal and portable hygiene device or bidet. With a simple squeeze of the bottle, you can obtain a superior cleaning experience anywhere and anytime. Whether at work, home, or on an outdoors adventure."

Watch an informative video, and find out more at

Simply insert the Solo into most any drinking water bottle, and squirt with the angled nozzle in the direction of your personal zone.

Ahhhh, what a great way to help with your personal cleaning. Right on target, and no worries about all that messy toilet paper & digging a hole large enough to bury it all. 

Indeed, it’s a portable bidet system! Just right for camping. Or right next to the toilet at home.  After cleaning with the Solo, treat yourself to a 10% sulfur soap hand wash at your sink if you’re at home, or with some water in the outdoors.

How to order:

Special offer! Get 5 bars of our premium 10% sulfur soap, and a Hygienna Solo! Price includes free shipping via USPS Priority, anywhere U.S.A.!   Amazing value at $27.50. You’ll save more than $10 with this special sulfur soap & Solo package price, plus get free 2nd day Priority Air shipping!

To order, click here!

If you live outside the USA, we can prepare a special price just for you. Yes, we ship worldwide, including Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia/NZ and most any other place in our wonderful world you live. Send an email to and let us know how many bars of soap you wish to ship with your Hygienna Solo, and we’ll prepare an offer just for you. We also offer a pre-priced 5 bar pack with the Solo. Click here.