Monday, February 18, 2013

Smelly Scalp hair odor

Hi everyone!

Last newsletter, Pat kept us updated on soap plant investments. He spoke right to heart about our daily mission here at  Here's a link to the last newsletter in case you missed it - please click here.

This month we'd thought we'd go down memory lane to a newsletter I wrote about 10 years ago about a very special skin care condition. Since that time, we have received many hundreds of thankful emails from all over the world. This is something that truly goes straight to our heart here at when we get to help others.

The skin condition is often referred to as "Smelly Scalp". After publishing our newsletter, we carry its archive at  Back then, we wrote monthly newsletters on all sorts of topics. This is something we'll do our best to bring back ( hint - our latest New Year's Resolution!). But I must say, please send in your ideas and suggestions for upcoming newsletters so we help with the type of good information you're looking for! And as always, we'd love to share your experience if you say it's OK.

Anyway, Smelly Scalp affects mostly middle aged females, especially those of us going through 'the change' of menopause. At the hairdresser, that comb or brush can transmit all sorts of things, like bacteria and fungus. And in the case of hair odor from the smelly scalp condition, it is indeed fungus that is the culprit.

We'd like to open up a new message board and forum for readers to share their experience with smelly scalp.  Please comment !   :)

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  1. It's Lora and I wanted to make the first post about Smelly Scalp to get the dialogue going!

    So here's the place to discuss hair odor.

  2. I developed this after using the Aussie moist shampoo after a protein treatment. I'm going crazy and have no clue as to what to do. I've used Listerine mouthwash and black soap. I tried using the Aussie moist conditioner only to wash my hair. I never had this problem with the V05 Moisture Milk conditioner. I'm back to the V05 brand but I am trying the head and shoulders clinicial strength shampoo. The smell still comes back after washing it out however it isn't as strong. I washed my hair twice with this shampoo. Another thing to point when my hair is wet the smell is bad but when it air dries the smell is still there but not as strong. Right now, I have it sitting on my scalp for 2 hours and conditioner on my scalp. I'm hoping the shampoo kills the fungus. Can the fungus be killed at all?

  3. I have developed a stinky scalp situation. It seems that my scalp started stinking super badly around the same time I started using this conditioner by Tressemme called Keratin smooth. At first this made my hair soooo magically smooth but then my scalp became super greasy and stinky...i mean it doesn't matter what I use...I've tried everything. ..The stink returns as soon as my hair has dried or a few hours later. It's a horrible strong sour type of smell...sooooo nasty...i have become obsessed with the shower..i tried everything. .baking sofa, vinegar, clarifying shampoo, dish detergent , antibacterial soap and this darn smell keeps coming back!!!!!
    I am going to order some sulfur soap now and try it out cuz I'm so hopeless...i need anything that can save me from this misery.