Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Just a quick note to wish everybody a Happy New Year 2014.

Hasn't it been so very cold this January, -- we've been bundling up most of the month -wow! And from listening to many of our customers who call in on our customer service line to chat, sounds like we're not the only ones! ! ! Have heard that the midwest has been particularly polar like the past couple of weeks, together with lots of the NE coast! Anyway, nothing like a nice warm shower or bath, --- and don't forget to bring your sulfur soap in with you for lots of those creamy sulfuree suds!  ;)

Yes, we've been a little late for this month's newsletter, so will make it a 'shortie', as February is just around the corner!

So here goes. If you have a neighborhood pharmacy - you know, the traditional pharmacies owned by small business, please let them know that we are more than pleased to help stock their shelves at great prices with our sulfur products. Whether our special Sulfur Butter Creme 'n Oinment, our traditional 10% Sulfur Soap, or our proprietary SAL3 soap, we are more than pleased to help local business in this way. No order is too small. And we have lots of local pharmacies who are regular customers. So please just let them know. Email: for more information!


Pat Davidson

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