Thursday, July 4, 2013

Testimonial - SAL3 soap * Shaving Cream , too!

Hi everyone! :)

It's so wonderful to hear from our loyal customers from around the world.

And we had a delightful telephone call from a gentlemen in Connecticut last week. It's so inspiring. So, we thought we'd share his story in this month's newsletter!

He's had great success over the years with his SAL3 cleansing bar to help with his skin condition, Tinea Versicolor. But the storyline is how he learned that it is also the very best shaving cream he has ever found!

How does he do it? He told us that he soaks the SAL3 soap bar in warm water for about a minute or two before application, then lathers with his hands while building up a creamy emulsion to cleanse his skin. That's the way!

And he makes and applies the creamy SAL3 lather to his (light beard) face just like a normal routine facial wash. He reports that his razor glides ever so smoothly through the soap emulsion and gives him a very comfortable shave, - bragging that it is better than any lotion on the market he has ever tried! Best yet, the natural qualities of the SAL3 active ingredients leaves his skin so smooth, it feels wonderful.

Other remarks - now he saves lots of money because he no longer has to purchase shaving cream! He actually can use the same soap he washes his face with, to shave at the same time! Bet good ole' Benjamin Franklin would have luv'd that! Penny saved is a penny earned.

So, there you go! Now that's a success story. And for sharing that and making his story as a newsletter feature testimonial, this loyal customer just earned himself a very special gift! 

Aren't life's little rewards so precious - enjoying the simple things in life.

Thanks everyone for tuning in, and yes, please email or call and let us know your success story. We'd truly love to hear from you. It makes our day to know we may help make a difference in your life.

Very truly yours, ;)

Pat Davidson

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